Social Security Disability Insurance Solutions

At Phoenix Recovery Systems, we work with patients to ensure that your healthcare system gets reimbursed for the care it provides. In most cases, if a patient is uninsured or underinsured, their medical bills go unpaid, resulting in a loss of revenue and service ability for your organization. Our solutions help patients find ways to pay for their care and determine their eligibility for government healthcare coverage programs.

SSDI Eligibility

Programs including  Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), a program of the Social Security Administration (SSA) are a benefit to patients. These program give government assistance to people who have been working but have become disabled prior to retirement age and can no longer work. They also provide assistance for injured people and those born with a disability. These programs provide reassurance for Americans with disabilities , who are concerned about obtaining access to quality health care for themselves and their families memebers.

For many people, eligibility for Social Security Disability can be relief from stressors of being disabled. Qualified individuals receive compensation and Medicare/Medicaid benefits for health care, and also leads way for financial assistance for their everyday needs.

Phoenix Recovery Systems Eligibility Solutions

Many people are unaware that they qualify for benefits. Applying for benefits can be a cumbersome process which creates stress. Phoenix Recovery Systems is hereto help. Our highly Trained staff meet with clients who are in need of financial assistance help determine their eligibility. If eligible, we assist them through the process and complete application for them. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies their application, our Representatives will review any issues and assist appeals process.

We have over a 30 years of Social Security Disability experience to help determine your patients’ eligibility for SSDI. Our relationships and contacts within Social Security’s Central Operations & Field Offices allow us to effectively process patients’ applications.

We Can Help!

Does your healthcare system need help being reimbursed for care to uninsured patients? We are here to help.