At Phoenix Recovery Systems, we can assist your hospital system in securing payments for procedures. Streamlining your revenue cycle management (RCM) system is our goal. Our staff offers person centered solutions that allow maximize revenue.

We have been assisting hospitals and healthcare systems since 2005, and we’ve learned that a user friendly approach is the essential to RCM success. We recognize, providing 24/7 eligibility services is no small task. It takes attention to detail, commitment and an expert knowledge of Medicaid and other insurance programs provided  by the Social Service Administration.

At Phoenix Recovery Systems, our hospital assistance solutions are customizable, and our goal remains constant: Maximize reimbursements so your business system can optimize quality health care to patients.

Phoenix Recovery Systems Services in Your Region

At Phoenix Recovery Systems, we make it a point to make sure all interested hospital facilities are given special attention by our amazing Business Development staff.

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The Phoenix Recovery Systems Distinction

An integral asset for your Hospital Revenue Cycle Management

How does Phoenix Recovery system work for you?  We work for the best interest of all involved parties. Phoenix Recovery Systems work to help families and patients to focus on recovery not financial burden. We allow hospital staff and administrators to focus on providing maximum quality of care and not RCM issues.

Phoenix Recovery Systems is here to work for you, and with as you continue to deliver high standards of quality care to your patients.